About Us

About Us

Who are we?

Ecs Education Consultancy Services is an education consultancy company with more than 5 years of knowledge and experience, established to provide consultancy and guidance services to international students who want to study in Turkey.

Ecs Education Consultancy Services, who knows that education is the only method for countries to reach the level of modern civilization and the importance of education services; is an experienced education consultancy company with a qualified and honest service policy.

In addition to its guidance services, Ecs Education Consultancy Services carries out many projects such as Turkish language learning (TÖMER) and university preparation courses for foreign students, short-term certificate programs, university promotion and exam organizations abroad, and serves hundreds of students, especially in the Middle East and Africa, every year. gives.

Ecs Education Consultancy Services, ISO 9001:2005 International Quality Management System, ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction System and ISO 27001 Information Security Management System, which are published by the International Standards Organization (ISO) and are the certification model in many countries, especially the European Union members, Turkey and the USA. It has certificates.

Ecs Education Consultancy Services is the consultancy company that has the first and only mobile application in Turkey, which is prepared for foreign students in the education sector and covers all universities and programs in Turkey.


Our Mission

Ecs Education Consultancy Services, starting from the decision-making stage, for students from all over the world who plan to study in Undergraduate, Masters and Doctorate programs in Turkey, choosing the right university and department, application, admission and registration procedures, accommodation, visa consultancy and It is an education consultancy company with the mission of meticulously monitoring and professionally managing all processes such as residence permits.


our vision

Ecs Education Consultancy Services, by reaching thousands of students from all over the world, to introduce them to the opportunity to study in Turkey and to benefit from Turkey's diversity and quality standards in higher education, opening the doors of our higher education system to the youth of the world; has adopted the vision of being an initiative that supports the ideal of internationalization of our country and our higher education system.